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I write in both French and English and translate texts both ways. 

I have a Master's degree in Literary Studies/Creative Writing from Laval University (read my thesis here), and a Licence in History from the University of Strasbourg.

When I'm not writing, I paint - sometimes art, sometimes walls (I love decorating), play tennis, teach French and Creative Writing.

I also love to travel (follow me on Instagram for some cool travel pics, house pics, art pics, and of course, CAT PICS) 


Hi, and welcome to my site.

If you're here, I guess you'd like to know more about me.

I'm a half-German Québécoise who, after spending most of my life in Québec City interspersed with stints in France and South America, now splits her time between her native city and Madison, Wisconsin where she lives with her lovely husband and two adorable cats, Coquin and Cendrine.



The Gods Inc. books are humorous fantasy novels that take place in a world where the ancient mythological gods live alongside humans. 

The series was published by Fiery Seas Publishing, until they closed down on January 1st 2019. While some retailers still have a few copies for sale, they are now out-of-print, and not available in e-formats... If however you are a publishing professional and would like a copy, please contact me.




Want to read more? Humorous Fantasy not quite your thing? Want something in French?

Check out my bilingual blog on bloglovin, or come visit me on Medium, WriteSpike, and WeLoveWords.

Of course, I do also hang around the various social media platforms like twitter and facebook, where you will find my occasional musings about this world and the state of it 😥, but mostly retweets of things that make me laugh.

If you'd like to know even more, you'll find a series of features and interviews here.

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Member of the Authors Guild

and of the American Translators Association

 © 2016 Gabriele Russo

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